Activities & Interests


Our investments span many industries and include real-estate and real-estate development (the largest single source of our investments), capital markets, research and development with a view to securing intellectual property primarily of a patentable nature (such as a novel financial product, System and Method for Just-In-Time Capital Investment and Controlled Cost Insurance (patent pending) or our proprietary evidence based curriculum for early childhood education), and food production and distribution to name just a few.


However, the current focus of our interests is in healthcare and education through our companies August Medical (based in the United States), Madison for Educational Consultancy based in the UAE), The Laurel Nursery (based in the UAE), and The Early Education Institute (based in the United States) and its related consultancy practice provided through The Early Education Institute Advisory Group (based in the United States).


At SOZA Group, our only business is private equity investing in sustainable projects that are socially responsible.